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How to Choose a Web Designer

With the constant flux of website designers and developers, it probably not possible to know on any given day how many there are in the world. But it a safe bet there are many thousands at any given moment, and all of them want to create or redesign your site. How can you possibly decide which one to choose?

We hope that after you consider the KC webVisions team integrity, entrepreneurial/innovative spirit, and experience, plus our devotion to your success, you will decide we are the best fit for your project.

Cindy Blount, Founder and President
What does Cindy many years of experience developing, designing, programming and professional photography for the Internet mean to you? No matter what industry you in or whether you a non-profit organization, small business or large corporation, you will get the benefits of having a creative, technical expert who delivers all the services you need for a successful site.

You see in her portfolio and accomplishments that you also get a designer with a heart. Cindy regularly donates her outstanding skills to non-profit organizations as her contribution to make the world a better place. In addition, she is very family-focused, and in her spare time, she enjoys photography, horse back riding, swimming and most of all, spending time with her two lovely daughters and the most delightful baby in the world her beautiful granddaughter.

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